Leading Organizations and Communities to Resiliency

Horner Consulting Services provides expert counsel to social service and government agencies in the areas of organizational development, policy, leadership coaching, strategic planning, executive extension, and wellness.

Our President

Eva Horner

Trusted & Experienced Leader

30 years in child and family services and systems

Trauma & Wellness Expert

Trauma-informed leader and registered yoga instructor

Eva Horner is an executive, entrepreneur, and advocate with nearly 30 years of experience in child and family services. Over her career, she has served and led programs in school-based substance abuse prevention, child welfare, juvenile justice, and mental health.

Through Horner Consulting Services, Eva provides expert counsel to social service and government agencies in the areas of organizational development, policy, leadership, strategic planning, executive extension, and wellness. She brings nearly 20 years of executive-level experience in developing organizations, staff, families, and systems through a trauma-informed lens, and she and is passionate about motivating others to be intentional and effective in helping children and families. 

Service Areas

Organizational Development

Assessment, planning, and change management.

Strategic Planning

Mission and vision setting, strategic planning, and execution.

Policy & Advocacy

Strategy shaping, defining positions, and connecting to influencers.

Executive Extension

Representing agency leadership and bridging during CEO transitions.

Wellness Planning

Engaging workforces, decreasing turnover, and increasing productivity.

Our Clients

Family Support Services of North Florida

Hands of Mercy Everywhere (HOME)

Heartland for Children

Hillsborough County Government

SEED Impact

What Our Clients Say

I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders when new federal legislation, FFPSA, passed that required residential group homes to change many things about the way they could do business in the future. I contracted with Horner Consulting Services to assist me with an organizational plan. I consulted with them about CARF accreditation, succession planning, non-profit salary compensation comparisons, board of directors’ education, residential group home budget analysis and true daily rates, evidence based programs, and DCF Quality Group Home Standards. Horner Consulting Services was prompt in their reporting and analysis specific to my business. I would highly recommend.
Diane Schofield

Founder & CEO, Hands of Mercy Everywhere (HOME)
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